About Me

Hello there! My name is Elena, a writer, a dreamer, a hopeless romantic and the founder of The Joy Queen. My goal is to make this small space in the huge world of the internet your happy place too. If you can leave my site carrying at least a few smiles and positive vibes with you, then my job here is done. I may not know everything in the world, but I have it in my heart to try to share helpful positive content with you; advice that can really  improve your everyday life (even just a pinch).

In here you can find all things happy, lovely and encouraging. The joy queen is all about helping each other grow: both inwards and in the outside world. In the joy queen, you can find a friend.

Why "The Joy Queen"?

A Joy Queen is a powerful woman. A woman who is respected, full of positivity and spreads happiness and love wherever she goes. It is what I aspire to be and the essence of what I hope you can find within yourself. I want to help you bring out the best version of yourself: happy, productive, healthy, growing and building meaningful connections; your own inner joy queen, if you may. That is the overall inspiration for the creation of this site.

Let´s be friends!

Are you struggling with something? Would you like to see an article on something in particular? 
Feel free to contact me at thejoyqueenblog@gmail.com with any inquiry.

 If you are interested in my writing services please contact me for more information. 

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